INFOCAR offers an extremely convenient consignment service. You can store your car in our luxury showroom until we find the right seller for you in the shortest time, and with the most reasonable price possible. At the same time we will comprehensive services to make the entire process safe, smooth, and regret-free!

Quick evaluation and pricing

Feel free to personally drop by our dealership, email, or call us, and our sales representative will conduct a quick vehicle evaluation based on the information you provide. We will then share our market analysis and pricing suggestions for your car.

Professional photo display

With your vehicle is in our showroom, we can show off every detail of your car through our professional photographers.

Promotion and sales

Through our website and social media, our professional marketing team can promote your vehicle via various channels.

Provide Leasing / Finance Service

We can offer Leasing/Financing services to appeal to a wider buyer base and increase the efficiency of transactions.

Consignment - INFOCAR - Toronto Auto Trading Platform

Consignment advantage

Consignment - INFOCAR - Toronto Auto Trading Platform
  • Everything will be handled by our professional team to take care of your business with minimal headache
  • We promote and market through a wide range of professional channels with maximum efficiency
  • Together with many high-end vehicles, it is displayed in our luxurious station hall to improve transaction efficiency
  • We provide Leasing/Finance options to create easy purchase plans for our buyers, thus increasing your turnover rate