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2019 Honda Civic tpye r

Lease Transfer

Down Payment Back

$ 0


$ 293

Vehicle ID 6d918af

Uploaded 2020-11-15


KilometersKilometers RemainingTotal Kilometers
18,000 km 82,000 km 100,000 km

  • Lease Start: 2019-2
  • Lease End: 2024-2
  • Exterior Color: 白色
  • Interior Color: 红黑
  • Original Down Pay: $ 0
  • Buyback Price: $ 17,258
  • Months Remaining: 12

Study Permit, Work Permit, Resident

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Power Configuration

Engine : v4 Energy: Gasoline Gearbox: Manual Drive Method: FWD

Security Configuration

Back-up radarBack-up camera

Appearance Configuration

LED lightsRunning tires

Interior Configuration

Front Heating SeatSports seatCarbon fiber interiorAlcantara interior

Multimedia configuration

Keyless startKeyless car lockRemote keyGPS navigation systemAPPLE CARPLAY


The owner does not smokeThe first owner

没下过赛道,送用了一个冬的冬胎 带合金轮毂 18寸,全车镀晶ceramic pro, 翻毛方盘套 购买了原厂type r 冬脚垫和后备箱垫,5年延长保修。 无事

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