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2019 Toyota RAV4 XLE - INFOCAR - Toronto Auto Trading Platform
2019 Toyota RAV4 XLE - INFOCAR - Toronto Auto Trading Platform

2019 Toyota RAV4 XLE

Lease Transfer

Down Payment Back

$ 1,000

Monthly fee (after tax)

$ 315.27

Vehicle ID aa8bf36

Uploaded 2021-05-20


KilometersKilometers RemainingTotal Kilometers
29,000 km 51,000 km 80,000 km

  • Lease Start: 2019-3
  • Lease End: 2023-2
  • Exterior Color: BLACK
  • Interior Color: BLACK
  • Original Down Pay: $ 10,000
  • Buyback Price: $ 17,855
  • Months Remaining: 5

Study Permit, Work Permit, Resident

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Power Configuration

Engine : Energy: Gasoline Gearbox: Auto Drive Method: AWD/4WD

Security Configuration

Back-up radarBack-up cameraTire pressure monitoringActive braking systemBlind spot detectionOffroad PkgParallel auxiliary

Appearance Configuration

All-season tiresOrdinary sunroof

Interior Configuration

Independent rear air conditioningFront Heating SeatRear seat heatingSteering wheel heating

Multimedia configuration

Vehicle condition


A2-DamageHood:树枝擦到 C3-Left front door:有被树枝擦到


The owner does not smokeCar return insurance0 Accident vehicleThe first owner

车辆包前八次保养 目前已保养2次 有买剐蹭险。 还车时若有剐蹭无需其他费用。

*The above vehicle information is only for reference, the actual vehicle information is subject to the sale of vehicles. Our company will retain the final interpretation of the vehicle.


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